Why you need a long term disability insurance immediately

Many people decide not to get a long term disability insurance, which can prove to be a huge mistake at some point in their life. There is a high probability of becoming disabled for a longer period in your working life, and if this happens, how will you support your needs? This, along with other factors underline the importance of the long term disability insurance, such as:

You need your salary to support your lifestyle

Almost every person you ask will tell you they don’t consider themselves able to support their lifestyle for longer than 6 months if they’re left without their monthly income. You need your paycheck to buy your groceries, gas, pay your rent and buy medication, and you’re left without it, then how would you be able to afford all that?

The numbers are against you

It’s enough to look at some statistics to see the importance of a long term disability insurance:

• 61% of wage earners know a person that has been disabled for longer than 3 months
• 1 in 8 workers will be left disabled for 5 or more years during their career
• The average disability lasts around 31.6 months

You don’t have enough savings

Statistics show that Americans don’t have enough money “under their pillow” for unfortunate events such as a long term disability. Even if they do have a savings account, it’s rarely enough to cover the expenses for the whole duration of the disability.

You Have Dependents

If you have kids, elders or other people that depend on you and your salary, losing a paycheck can be devastating for all. If you have a long term disability insurance to provide financial stability during the disability, it will give you the safety you all need to live a careless and happy life

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